Why the need to know how to look good in photos

Why the need to know how to look good in photosWe may not be supermodels but we have to admit, we like to strike a pose here and there at any moment we feel like it.  There are times though when we look at our taken pictures, we don’t like what we see.  You don’t need to hire a professional to get you good shots.  Just know some steps on how to look good in photos.

Our pictures are everywhere, in social networks, frames at home, cellphones and practically anywhere we feel like posting it.  So the need to look good in every shot we take is a must.  Billboards are at every corner of the streets with gorgeous models posing like heavenly beings.  We ask ourselves, “How do I look good in a photograph just like that model?”

Simple things to do on how to look good in photos

Here are simple tips on how to look good in photos:

Have the right clothes on.  If you feel like there’s a photo op coming up, it would best to take out your best outfit and put it on.  Match your clothes with your personality and accessorize.  Keep your outfit simple so that it won’t stand out better than you.

Look yourself in the mirror, turn around and see if there’s anything else that could be done to make you look better.  It is better done with a huge mirror, one where you can see your entire body.  In this part, you can take the opportunity to match your clothes with the right shoes to wear.

When taking photos at a standing position, don’t hunch.  Slouching can make you look awkward and unsightly.  It makes you appear shorter than you should be and it might show those unwanted flabs in your stomach.

Relax your shoulders to show that you are not tensed or scared.  This way, your shot will make you look more natural and comfortable.  Keep your back straight and maintain a good posture.

If the photo requires a smile, think happy thoughts.  Make your smile natural but don’t overdo it.  Use your eyes and make them look like they smile the same way.  Don’t ever force yourself into smiling.  It would still be noticeable when you look at the picture once it’s printed.

Pick a good location with the right amount of light.  A good looking background can make a huge difference.  Look around you and pick the right spot where you can have your photo taken.  Make sure that the light strikes you in a good way.

Strike a pose.  Just set your body in a nice angle and shoot.  There a lot of poses you can so shoot as many poses as you can and see if which pose fits you best.

Lastly, practice in front of the mirror.  Try out different expressions and smiles.  Practice makes perfect after all.

How to look good in photos all the time

Always look your best.  You’ll never know when a photo will be taken next.  Familiarize yourself with your good sides and expression.  Give it your all and do be afraid to experiment on your poses.  Knowing how to look good in photos isn’t enough.  Do it and see the difference.


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