How to look good in photos for petite men and women

Petite-bodied men and women have fewer issues when it comes to posing in front of the camera than those who have a larger figure.  Despite such a fact, learning how to look good in photos with a petite figure is still at large.  To be sexy and more attractive is the common goal for that matter and truth be told, there are a lot of things that you still need to learn and do to get that stunning shot you’ve always been looking for.

Tips on how to look good in photos with a petite figure

There are a lot of tips and tricks on the book that you can do and prepare for regarding how to look good in photos.  Being a petite-structured person, you’re primary concern will be to not look like a stick in front of the camera and at the same time, to look hot and sexy.  Below are some that you can do to achieve a great look in your photos.

  • Look for your most flattering angle.  The one that makes you a little less than a pre-schooler’s drawing of a person.  You can do this by taking a simple digital camera with you, and take tons of photos while you pose.  Another is to stand in front of a body-length mirror and check out how you look with various poses that you have in mind.
  • Next is to feature your face most especially your eyes.  You can do so by focusing your eyes a little higher than the camera lens and move it forward then tip down your chin.
  • To have a more relaxed look on your face, draw your tongue back behind your teeth and give out your best smile.  Unless it’s a whacky shot, you can put your tongue out as much as you want.
  • Be aware of the fact that photos can sometimes be exaggerated by the camera so you need to be extremely careful with your make up.
  • Wardrobe is the something that you also need to consider.  Before hitting the flashing cameras, check out your clothes if they fit you well.  To fully recognize its effect on you, stand in front of a plain white background and see which colors and cuts stand out to your benefit.  As much as patterns look trendy, try to stay away from it as much as you can.
  • To have more hints about what you should be doing, take a look at pictures of models and see how they look great in all their shots.  Imitate them if you can but you should be using them more as a guide for all your shots.

Simple reminder about how to look good in photos

how to look good in photos

When it comes to poses, you should avoid taking shots with only the side of your body exposed.  This will make you look thinner and more like a line in your photos.  Expose all your assets and make sure the focus can get there.  Lastly, practice as much as you can and you’re a step away on how to look good in photos.

How to look good in photos: Plus size men and women

How to look good in photos:  Plus size men and women

Encased within a large figure, men and women who are plus size have big issues with the camera.  Not only do they look bigger in front of it, they tend to get a little bit more insecure with themselves every time they see their picture.  How to look good in photos will always be a question in mind and it is a great step into conquering their insecurities with their shots.

Preparation on how to look good in photos for plus size figures

To be successful in your photos, you need to prepare everything that is necessary.  You need to ask yourself how to look good in photos and do something about it.  If you have a clue as to when you will be facing the camera like a wedding or a party for instance, a week-long preparation won’t take much of your time or simply a day before.

  1. 1.     Take a good look at your hair and see if there is anything that you can do to make it look better on you.  See if there are some colors that you can brighten it up with or any styles that can make better change for you face.
  2. 2.     Your skin should be at its best the day you hit the flashes of the camera.  The best advice you can get is to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized.  Skin treatments can be better but these need to be done days before.  Hit the spa while you can.  A day before, get a lot of sleep and a good rest for a refreshing start for the day.
  3. 3.     Another preparation you can do is to have your wardrobe picked out and ready.  Choosing the right clothing is a tricky step.  The basics would be to wear those that would make you look like you weigh less than you actually do.  There are a lot of tips in the internet that can guide you through it so take the time to do so.

How to look good in photos for plus size figures:  On the shoot

For women, you can think of having your makeup and hairstyle done yourself if it’s a minor occasion you are going to or just a day out with friends.  Men can always keep their face plain and simple with a wash in the face and cleaning up stray and unwanted hairs.

The best pose that you can do is the well known red carpet trick that celebrities do.  First, one of your feet forward and slightly twist your body towards that foot.  Put on of your arms to your waist and the other just down to one side.

If you have double chin, avoid tipping your head down while a shot of you is taken.  Simple thought to this is hide what will look bad and show what will look good on your photo.  There are a lot more that you can do on how to look good in photos, the only thing that you should always do is to be confident in yourself and being comfortable with the size that you have.

How to look good in photos using Photoshop

How to look good in photos using Photoshop
There simply are times that you can’t avoid looking bad in a picture.  The good news is, technology has made solutions for such a disaster.  If you still question how to look good in photos, the Photoshop is one program that you can run to.

Steps on how to look good in photos using Photoshop

How to look good in photos can be remedied after the actual shot was taken.  The Photoshop is an innovative program featuring tons of tools that you can use to make all your pictures (even the unfortunate ones) look better.

Simple steps that you can use are:

  1. Make sure that you have the program installed in your PC and that it works.  There are a lot that you can download from the internet or buy a CD to make use of all features.
  2. Transfer the pictures from your camera into your pc and choose which the ones that you want to edit.  This method can be easily done by dragging the pictures into the working space provided for by the program.
  3. For the image, you can cut out the part that you want to edit from the entire picture.  You can do so by using the crop tool.
  4. You can edit the entire picture if you want as well.  From that you can play along with the tools available in the toolbar and all the other features that can make you a pro at editing pictures in no time.

There are a lot of editing options that you can do that gives you the ability to remove unwanted items in your photos like blemishes or even moles.  You can also reshape the size of the picture that you have and place it along other pictures making a collage.  You can also sharpen the details is you want or unsharpen it according to your needs.

Before saving your picture, you need to check it out before saving it.  You need to remember though that there are formats from which your work can be saved.  One of which is saving the end product that provides you with what you have finished, or saving the project keeping all the things that you have done with the picture and opens up with the Photoshop program.  It is best to save in both formats especially the second one, so it will be easier for you to make additional adjustments to the picture you made.

Using your imagination on how to look good in photos using Photoshop

With the Photoshop, you can add effects to your pictures making it more presentable and better appreciated by other people who see it.  You can adorn the sides with stylish frames that you can easily download in the internet.  Attach your photos to other backgrounds and make beautiful images like the ones you see in billboards, magazines and more.

Your only limitation will have to be your imagination and your skills.  There are a lot of tutorials that can guide you with various things that you can do on how to look good in photos using the software and it’s up to you to how far you’ll take the skills you’ve learned.

How to look good in photos with dark complexion

How to look good in photos with dark complexion

A dark complexion can be a concern to those who are not comfortable with their skin.  With such a complexion, turning your attention into how to look good in photos thoughts would be a good idea.  One thing that you can focus on is your makeup.  The makeup and the look that you’ll be wearing will depend on the skin color that you have.  This also applies to clothes that you’ll be wearing in front of the camera.

Using makeup on how to look good in photos with a dark complexion

The makeup is a very powerful tool that you can use on how to look good in photos.  With a dark complexion, it can provide you with better colors that compliment well your skin tone.  Regardless of the color and shape of your face, the right makeup will help you give solution to your problem.

You can visit your local mall and check the cosmetics area for the right makeup to match your skin tone.  Here, there are trained personnel who can help you choose the right product that you need.  Drugstores are also some of the places that you can go to although it won’t be as pleasant and as easy as roaming around the mall.  Your other concern with the place will also have to be the varieties that you can choose from.

To start with the makeup:

  1. 1.     Use a small amount of water to mix with your foundation with a ratio of 2 parts foundation to 1 part water.  If a liquid foundation is available, you can go for that one as long as it is right for your color.  Mix the two in your hand and apply to your face evenly.
  2. 2.     For your cheek bones, use a brush with warm color.  Some of your choices can be coral, bronze or plum.  Make sure that you do this gently and not put too much or it on you.
  3. 3.      Your eyelids can be shaded with dark blue or silver for the eyeshadows.  As much as you can, avoid using too much colors on this area of your face.
  4. 4.     Use black mascara on your eyelashes and make sure that it curves right.  Do twice the coating under your eyelashes doing so from the bottom roots to the tips.  Do the same thing on the upper side of your lashes.
  5. 5.     For your lipstick, you don’t have to be extremely colourful with your choices.  A nude lipstick will be enough for you in colors of beige or caramel.  Such colors will complement your color without taking too much attention to your lips.  Pink or coral colors and shades can be good in night getaways.

The importance of clothes on how to look good in photos with dark complexion

For your clothes, there are a lot of colors, prints and designs that you can choose from.  One thing that you should always bear in mind is that, you are the one who should stand out in your photos and not your clothes.  As much as you want to be proud of what you wear, your concern still should revolve around you and how to look good in photos.

Why the need to know how to look good in photos

Why the need to know how to look good in photosWe may not be supermodels but we have to admit, we like to strike a pose here and there at any moment we feel like it.  There are times though when we look at our taken pictures, we don’t like what we see.  You don’t need to hire a professional to get you good shots.  Just know some steps on how to look good in photos.

Our pictures are everywhere, in social networks, frames at home, cellphones and practically anywhere we feel like posting it.  So the need to look good in every shot we take is a must.  Billboards are at every corner of the streets with gorgeous models posing like heavenly beings.  We ask ourselves, “How do I look good in a photograph just like that model?”

Simple things to do on how to look good in photos

Here are simple tips on how to look good in photos:

Have the right clothes on.  If you feel like there’s a photo op coming up, it would best to take out your best outfit and put it on.  Match your clothes with your personality and accessorize.  Keep your outfit simple so that it won’t stand out better than you.

Look yourself in the mirror, turn around and see if there’s anything else that could be done to make you look better.  It is better done with a huge mirror, one where you can see your entire body.  In this part, you can take the opportunity to match your clothes with the right shoes to wear.

When taking photos at a standing position, don’t hunch.  Slouching can make you look awkward and unsightly.  It makes you appear shorter than you should be and it might show those unwanted flabs in your stomach.

Relax your shoulders to show that you are not tensed or scared.  This way, your shot will make you look more natural and comfortable.  Keep your back straight and maintain a good posture.

If the photo requires a smile, think happy thoughts.  Make your smile natural but don’t overdo it.  Use your eyes and make them look like they smile the same way.  Don’t ever force yourself into smiling.  It would still be noticeable when you look at the picture once it’s printed.

Pick a good location with the right amount of light.  A good looking background can make a huge difference.  Look around you and pick the right spot where you can have your photo taken.  Make sure that the light strikes you in a good way.

Strike a pose.  Just set your body in a nice angle and shoot.  There a lot of poses you can so shoot as many poses as you can and see if which pose fits you best.

Lastly, practice in front of the mirror.  Try out different expressions and smiles.  Practice makes perfect after all.

How to look good in photos all the time

Always look your best.  You’ll never know when a photo will be taken next.  Familiarize yourself with your good sides and expression.  Give it your all and do be afraid to experiment on your poses.  Knowing how to look good in photos isn’t enough.  Do it and see the difference.