How to look good in photos : your wedding

How to look good in photos : your weddingYour wedding photo is probably one of the most important keepsakes you’ll be having for the rest of your life.  Not unless you plan on getting married more than once, having your photo taking at such a momentous event in your life is important.  So you have got to know how to look good in your own wedding photo.  It would be unfair if others take the spotlight out from you.  It is your wedding after all.

How to look good in photos:  Instructions

Here are some things you can do on how to look good in photos:

  • Practice your pose in front of the mirror.  See to it that on your wedding day, you will be able to emphasize your good side.  Try making faces with different emotions to put distinction in your pictures.
  • This one is extremely important; hire the best professional photographer that you can get your hands on.  The better the photographer, the better your pictures will be.  Open a constant line of communication with your photographer.  This way, you will be able to tell him things that you want changed or any suggestions that you have in mind.
  • Come up with a great plan way before the pictorial.  With a long span of preparation, you will be able to carefully go through with every details of the pictorial without rushing.  Having an appropriate amount of time for this pictorial is important since you will be having these pictures for the rest of your life.
  • Hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist.  Allowing the professionals to get their hands on you is the best way to go for such an important occasion.  Together with your stylist, choose the makeup that would best suit you and same goes with the hairstyle.  Ask them to do the different styles on you before the day of the pictorial and the wedding so that you will be able to make certain adjustments to go with your theme.
  • The wedding pictorial may be done before or after the wedding ceremony.  Sweat will be one of your greatest rivals when it comes to your makeup.  So make sure that you remind your stylist to apply the type of makeup that won’t easily be removed by sweat or tears even.
  • If you plan to have more pictures taken after the wedding ceremony, be sure to do it with haste and in order.  Make sure you made plans with your wedding coordinator and photographer regarding this matter.
  • You can never pose every time your picture is taken during the ceremony so just try to enjoy it.   Candid and stolen shots are great with this occasion.

How to look good in photos:  Be yourself

This is your wedding so you have to learn to be yourself and not just how to look good in your photos.  Avoid being too conscious with your shots and just go along with every moment of the occasion.  It isn’t everyday that you get to do it so smile a lot.  Do it even when you’re crying. Now you know How to look good in photos (:

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