How to look good in photos with dark complexion

How to look good in photos with dark complexion

A dark complexion can be a concern to those who are not comfortable with their skin.  With such a complexion, turning your attention into how to look good in photos thoughts would be a good idea.  One thing that you can focus on is your makeup.  The makeup and the look that you’ll be wearing will depend on the skin color that you have.  This also applies to clothes that you’ll be wearing in front of the camera.

Using makeup on how to look good in photos with a dark complexion

The makeup is a very powerful tool that you can use on how to look good in photos.  With a dark complexion, it can provide you with better colors that compliment well your skin tone.  Regardless of the color and shape of your face, the right makeup will help you give solution to your problem.

You can visit your local mall and check the cosmetics area for the right makeup to match your skin tone.  Here, there are trained personnel who can help you choose the right product that you need.  Drugstores are also some of the places that you can go to although it won’t be as pleasant and as easy as roaming around the mall.  Your other concern with the place will also have to be the varieties that you can choose from.

To start with the makeup:

  1. 1.     Use a small amount of water to mix with your foundation with a ratio of 2 parts foundation to 1 part water.  If a liquid foundation is available, you can go for that one as long as it is right for your color.  Mix the two in your hand and apply to your face evenly.
  2. 2.     For your cheek bones, use a brush with warm color.  Some of your choices can be coral, bronze or plum.  Make sure that you do this gently and not put too much or it on you.
  3. 3.      Your eyelids can be shaded with dark blue or silver for the eyeshadows.  As much as you can, avoid using too much colors on this area of your face.
  4. 4.     Use black mascara on your eyelashes and make sure that it curves right.  Do twice the coating under your eyelashes doing so from the bottom roots to the tips.  Do the same thing on the upper side of your lashes.
  5. 5.     For your lipstick, you don’t have to be extremely colourful with your choices.  A nude lipstick will be enough for you in colors of beige or caramel.  Such colors will complement your color without taking too much attention to your lips.  Pink or coral colors and shades can be good in night getaways.

The importance of clothes on how to look good in photos with dark complexion

For your clothes, there are a lot of colors, prints and designs that you can choose from.  One thing that you should always bear in mind is that, you are the one who should stand out in your photos and not your clothes.  As much as you want to be proud of what you wear, your concern still should revolve around you and how to look good in photos.

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