How to look good in photos: Plus size men and women

How to look good in photos:  Plus size men and women

Encased within a large figure, men and women who are plus size have big issues with the camera.  Not only do they look bigger in front of it, they tend to get a little bit more insecure with themselves every time they see their picture.  How to look good in photos will always be a question in mind and it is a great step into conquering their insecurities with their shots.

Preparation on how to look good in photos for plus size figures

To be successful in your photos, you need to prepare everything that is necessary.  You need to ask yourself how to look good in photos and do something about it.  If you have a clue as to when you will be facing the camera like a wedding or a party for instance, a week-long preparation won’t take much of your time or simply a day before.

  1. 1.     Take a good look at your hair and see if there is anything that you can do to make it look better on you.  See if there are some colors that you can brighten it up with or any styles that can make better change for you face.
  2. 2.     Your skin should be at its best the day you hit the flashes of the camera.  The best advice you can get is to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized.  Skin treatments can be better but these need to be done days before.  Hit the spa while you can.  A day before, get a lot of sleep and a good rest for a refreshing start for the day.
  3. 3.     Another preparation you can do is to have your wardrobe picked out and ready.  Choosing the right clothing is a tricky step.  The basics would be to wear those that would make you look like you weigh less than you actually do.  There are a lot of tips in the internet that can guide you through it so take the time to do so.

How to look good in photos for plus size figures:  On the shoot

For women, you can think of having your makeup and hairstyle done yourself if it’s a minor occasion you are going to or just a day out with friends.  Men can always keep their face plain and simple with a wash in the face and cleaning up stray and unwanted hairs.

The best pose that you can do is the well known red carpet trick that celebrities do.  First, one of your feet forward and slightly twist your body towards that foot.  Put on of your arms to your waist and the other just down to one side.

If you have double chin, avoid tipping your head down while a shot of you is taken.  Simple thought to this is hide what will look bad and show what will look good on your photo.  There are a lot more that you can do on how to look good in photos, the only thing that you should always do is to be confident in yourself and being comfortable with the size that you have.

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