How to look good in photos: guide

How to look good in photos: guideEver hated the outcome of your shot taken?  Do you get the feeling that you would always look something you’re not supposed to be in your photographs?  Or simply get jealous over those great shots your friends show you of themselves?  Well, it is just about time for you to know how to look good in photos.

How to look good in photos:  Being photogenic

How to look good in photos is something that anyone is more than willing to learn as they want to flash their photographs online or show it off to someone else.  The ability to appear good looking in a photograph is what being photogenic is all about.  Below are things that you can do in front of the camera to appear photogenic in a photo.

  • Practice in front of the camera – The more time you spend posing in front of the camera, the better your chances are of capturing that attractive look that you want.  Familiarize yourself with the things that make you look better as you pose.
  • Wear the right clothes – The kind of clothes you wear and how you carry it is an important factor that you should keep in mind.  This is something that you do exclusively in front of the camera, but on a daily basis.  Mix and match the colors and styles of your clothes and let it emphasize your assets.
  • Get comfortable with your complexion – Your complexion is nature’s gift.  Learn how to use it to your own advantage.  You may be having problems with your complexion, so it is essential that you do something about it to correct the problem.  Groom yourself well as this will show in your photograph and will stay as is unless you do some editing with it.  Your hair, face and the rest of your body should be well maintained and presented in front of the lens.
  • Angle yourself – There are people who look good in all angles but there are some who lose face value once they shift to a different angle.  The moment you find the best angles for yourself is the time you pose away.
  • Relieve yourself of the double chin and practice your posture – Double chins can be easily corrected by tilting your head up to a couple of degrees.  You can use your hand to cover it.  Just be creative and you can hide this imperfection.  The posture you have helps in every time you get photographed.  Relax your shoulders and breathe deep before the camera flashes. 
  • Be yourself – Act natural and just be happy.  Your personality will stand out as you act the way you usually do.  Think happy thoughts and enjoy.

How to look good in photos:  More to being photogenic

Learning how to look good in photos by focusing on your photogenic side isn’t that hard of a task.  The important thing to do is to be aware of you can put that best part of yourself forward and making it shine.  Practice expressing your charisma in every photograph you take.  The aura that you exude may be invisible but it can surely be seen in your face and body.


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