How to look good in photos for your school ID

How to look good in photos for your school ID

School IDs are school requirements that need a photo attached to it.  Although not all of us are that conscious about how we look on it, it still is not an excuse not to learn how to look good in photos.  You never can tell when someone will be snatching a glance at your ID and it will be such a shame that didn’t even take a little effort on looking good in it.

What you can do on how to look good in photos for your school ID

It is true that not everyone is photogenic, which is the exact reason why those people should learn how to look good in photos for a school ID.  Small or big the picture may be, it would always be a good thing to at least take some time to have a great shot to come with it.

Before shooting for your ID, take a good look of yourself in the mirror and study your face from one side to another.  Check for any spot that won’t look good in a picture and keep that in mind.  With that, you can have it concealed before your shot is taken

Practice the expression on your face that you’ll be wearing for the shoot.  From this, experiment on various looks of your face that you think will look good in your photo.

Try wearing different hairstyles.  Your hair can do a lot on how you look and it is an important part of your head that you need to focus as well.

The next thing you need to do is to prepare all the things that you will need.  Open up your wardrobe and choose the best set of school clothes that you have.  Make sure that your clothes fit you well especially the top since that is the only piece of clothing that will be visible on your ID.  If you happen to be in a school with uniform, have it ironed out and set aside for use on the shoot.

Accessorize if you feel like wearing it.  Keep in mind though that you need to stay away from exaggerated pieces to keep the focus on your face and not what you wear.

Rest well and wake up early for the day of the shoot.

How to look good in photos of school ID:  Hours before shooting

The moment you wake up in the morning, have a long and nice bath.  Prepare yourself with the hairstyle you have chosen, the clothes that you wear and the accessories you picked out.

Once again take a good look in the mirror and check if everything is done just the way you wanted it to be.  If any changes need to be done, do so before you get late for school.

If the shoot is to be taken hours after classes start, take a couple of minutes for a bathroom break and fix yourself back to when you first left the house.

In front of the camera, position yourself well with the right pose and the expression you have chosen and relax.  These are just the basics on how to look good in photos but you can always do more if you want.

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