How to look good in photos for graduation

How to look good in photos for graduation

Graduating through any levels of education is more than a reason to celebrate.  It is during these days that hard works are rewarded and such a happy and successful day should be taken a photo with.  However, it’s not just about getting a pictures, it’s also about how to look good in photos for a keepsake to last a lifetime.

How to look good in photos for graduations:  For girls & for boys

For Girls:

For a nice shot on how to look good in photos for your graduation, a girl should be wearing a makeup that fits her the best.  The dress should be a perfect choice and if ever wearing a graduation gown, it should be properly ironed and worn with perfect fit.  You should be aware that not an inch of your dress should be seen once you are wearing the grad gown.  Make sure that it is shorter and the neckline is wide enough to be hidden.  Once you are in front of the camera, stick out your best assets and give it a happy expression.  Remember to have a lot of shots taken to make sure that your best shot is captured; better to have more and find the best than less and none to satisfy your requirements.  If there is a professional photographer for the event, communicate with him to make sure that your best shot will be taken and you can also ask for some advice about how you will look better in your photographs.

For Boys:

You may want to look really great on your shots but you should still keep the side of which you were at school.  Changing the hairstyle can be a risky thing, just make sure that you have consulted with other people (preferably a stylist in a salon) to fix or cut your hair for you.  If wearing a graduation gown, use black pants.  These are the best bottom garment to wear for a more formal look in your graduation photo.  Again, you can talk to the photographer in the event for any form of changes that you can make for a better shot.  For a better print, you can also request for some photoshop magic to be done to ensure that you look your best in your photo.

Posing on how to look good in photos for graduation

The regular poses in graduation would require you to stand up straight, wear your gown and toga right and then smile for the camera.  However, it’s only for the formal part of the photo shoot.  Celebrate the day with fun shots of you and your friends with wacky faces, jumping in the air or throwing away the togas.  Use an array of poses that you have seen and don’t be too conscious about how you look.  If you do this, you will lose the fun that you are supposed to enjoy for this momentous day.

Always remember that you are who you are and it should reflect on how you act in front of the camera.  Don’t just learn how to look good in photos, live it and show it!

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