How to look good in photos for a dating site

How to look good in photos for a dating site

For a dating site, learning how to look good in photos that you will be placing there is an important factor to attract future partners in life.  It’s not that it is the only thing that’s important, it’s just that you have better chance on meeting good looking people if you have the right photos uploaded most especially when you are to use it as the main photo for your profile.

Steps on how to look good in photos for a dating site

One thing you need to focus on how to look good in photos for a dating site is the one that you’ll be using as your profile photo.  Below are 4 ways you can achieve it.

Light – Light goes first before you find a background for your picture.  What you need to look for are the soft transitions of dark and light colors and not a full blast of all the bright colors in one spot.  Look for an area where the colors almost blend into one and not clearly differentiated by their shades.  Next thing you need to do is find the right spot where the sun isn’t directing its rays on you.

Background – What’s behind you or the background comes in next.  Something that is about 15 ft away from you will be a good choice for a background.  Just make sure that the background isn’t overwhelming you as the subject and make sure that there is an even amount of sunlight from where you are.

Pose – To have someone take a photo of you is the best way to make a good shot.  But if you don’t have someone, a tripod will keep the camera steady and in the right angle.  Play with the angles as you position the camera to feature your best assets.  Sometimes a little angle to the sides, up or down can trim you down a couple of inches.  Pose with the best one that you have and don’t hesitate to shoot more with various poses; having more shots than normal, can increase your chances of finding the right photo for your profile.

Camera – You need to know the various settings of your camera to make sure that you get the best shots out of it.  If you find yourself at a loss, a quick look at the internet will give you the answer.  You can also take photography classes or ask a professional to help you with setting it up.

Choosing on how to look good in photos for a dating site

With the collection of photographs that you have, it is now time for you to choose which one you will be using as your profile picture.  If you still are not happy with it, you can shoot some more or simply edit your picture with photoshop.  Once happy with your photo, upload it and wait for someone to notice it.

All the pictures you upload in your album online are also important.  Make sure that you have thoroughly browsed through each of the pictures, choosing only the best shots you have.  This is one way how to look good in photos for a dating site.

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